Predavanje - prof. dr. Heing-Gyoon Ryu

datum začetka: 26.04.2017
ura: 15:00


Univerza v Ljubljani Fakulteta za elektrotehniko vljudno vabi na predavanje

prof. dr. Heung-Gyoon Ryu (Chungbuk National University, Korea) z naslovom “Research and Development Activities and Waveform Design for the 5G and B5G Mobile Communication System". 

Predavanje bo v sredo, 26. aprila 2016 ob 15:00 uri v Diplomski sobi na Fakulteti za elektrotehniko, Tržaška cesta 25, Ljubljana.


Kratek povzetek predavanja:

5G mobile communication that will be shown in 2020 is very hot issue and seriously competitive to standardization and development as the next generation of current 4G LTE system. Some new spectrum efficient waveform designs have been proposed and discussed towards narrower main-lobe and lower side-lobe in spectrum. In this talk, at first some recent research and development trend and activities about the 5G mobile communication system will be discussed. Next, some strong candidates for 5G waveforms and multiple access technology will be shown and investigated and compared. Also, several enabling technologies for the 5G mobile system will be given for the more practical approach ways. Finally, as a main topic of this seminar, I like to show some recent research results of 5G waveform design and analysis. For the enhanced spectrum efficiency, very sharp waveform design and supportability to the massive multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) is really important in the beyond 5G cellular communication system. Out-of-band (OOB) power spectrum must be reduced to increase the spectrum efficiency and to save the frequency resources. Even though the filtering method is the one way to get the sharp OOB spectrum, the windowing method has been more efficient because of the simpler process and easier realization. In this seminar talk, we like to show a design method of windowed cyclic prefix and cyclic postfix orthogonal time frequency space (WCPP-OTFS) system and bit error rate (BER) performance of this proposed WCPP-OTFS system is evaluated.