After mobility

When you pass the entire set of exams please let us know (a week before you will live our Faculty) on this email: Please provide the full post address of your home coordinator (name, surname, name of faculty, full address, post code and country)!

You have to prepare the Arrival/departue certificat (if you allready did it in the begingin just let Katarina know) and bring it to Katarina Erjavec (international office at our Faculty).

You have to bring to international office the document stamped by our library - the document is here and fill this final report about your exchange in Ljubljana.

The internation office (Katarina Erjavec) will prepare you final Transcript of record and after all the signatures on it she will send you a copy of Trascirpt by email, and the original will be send directly to your home coordinator!

The originial will not be handed to you!