Computational electromagnetics

Course description

Equations of electromagnetic fields (Maxwell equations in different forms, Boundary conditions, Conditions in infinity, absorbing boundary conditions). Formulations of electromagnetic problems. Numerical methods for electromagnetic problems (finite differences, finite elements, boundary elements, fast multipole methods, hybrid methods, other methods). Solution of systems of equations (decomposition methods, conjugate gradient method, iteration methods, eigenvalue problems).

Course is carried out on study programme

Objectives and competences

To learn numerical methods for computation of electromagnetic fields

Learning and teaching methods


Intended learning outcomes

Students should compute parameters of chosen electromagnetic system

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Study materials

Thomas Rylander, Par Ingellstrom, Anders Bondeson: Computational Electromagnetics, Springer, 2012

Jiang-Ming Jin: Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields,Wiley , 2010

Yijun Liu; Fast Multipole Boundary Element Method, Cambridge UP, 2014

Jean Van Bladel: Electromagnetic Fields, IEEE Press, 2007

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