Digital Processing in Mechatronics I

Course description

Basic components of digital systems, microcontroller architectures, central processing unit, instruction word, instruction cycles, addressing  modes, decoding logic, peripheral units (memory types, timers and counters, A/D and D/A converters, sensors), assembly language, microcontroller programming, real time data processing, subroutines  and interrupt subroutines, development tools, series and parallel communication interfaces, parallel and series communication protocols, microcontrollers in applications of power electronics, implementation of microcontrollers in power converters, PWM modulators, implementation of microcontrollers in electric motor drive systems (BLDC, PMSM, switched reluctance motors, stepper motors).

Course is carried out on study programme

Elektrotehnika 2. stopnja

Objectives and competences

Student will get the knowledge about digital  components and systems that are used in the field of power electronics and electrical drives. He will be able to design mechatronic system controls using up to date microcontrollers.

Learning and teaching methods

Lectures and laboratory work

Intended learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • use microcontroller and its peripheral units in digital control of power converters,
  • write a specific firmware for microcontroller in mechatronic control system,
  • develop interface circuits for further analog and digital signal processing,
  • use communication protocols in embedded systems,
  • measure and analyze digital and analog signals in mechatronic control units.
  • analyze sources of electromagnetic interferences in digital and analog circuits.

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Study materials

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