Seminar: Biomedical Engineering

Course description

Brief introduction to different topics and problems in Biomedical Engineering; selecting a research problem from the list of problems. Guided and supervised progression through various steps of the research project: problem study, literature overview, study of existing solutions, and proposal of novel solutions. The students will report in a written and oral form after each step.

Course is carried out on study programme

Elektrotehnika 2. stopnja

Objectives and competences

To prepare the students for independent research that will be required for completing the MS Thesis.

Learning and teaching methods

Teaching, individual supervision, independent work.

Intended learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • understand the process and different phases of research work
  • study and understand a research problem,
  • search, review and analyze relevant literature ,
  • select and evaluate stateof-the-art solutions,
  • proposal a novel solutions, and
  • master oral and written reporting of the problems and solutions.

Reference nosilca

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Study materials

  1. Wolfgang Birkfellner. Applied Medical Image Processing, Second Edition: A Basic Course. CRC Press; 2 edition, 2014.
  2. Klaus D. Tonnies. Guide to Medical Image Analysis: Methods and Algorithms. Springer, 201
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Bodi na tekočem

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