The Laboratory for Energy Policy (LEST) has been operating under the auspices of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, since 2000.

The laboratory’s scope of activity encompasses the electricity market, the planning of electricity production and energy systems, the development of new solutions in the field of energy, the implementation of renewable energy sources and energy storage in the power system, energy efficiency and efficient energy use, as well as smart grids.

The main purpose of the laboratory’s research work is to study and provide strategic solutions in the field of green energy transition. The knowledge gained from our scientific work is aimed to be applied and tested as much as possible in real environments through pilot locations, enabling the commercialization of developed solutions.

Members of LEST are active both in the domestic and international energy sector. We collaborate with the Slovenian industry, participate in European research projects, and maintain relationships with the domestic academic community and numerous international research institutions. We attend both national and international conferences. Simultaneously, we strive to disseminate knowledge and inform about the progress of projects by organizing various events, including invited lectures, international conferences, and summer schools. Additionally, we invite students to join us in student exchanges or internships. Under our guidance, numerous bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral theses have been completed.


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