Lighting andPhotometry Laboratory

The Lighting and Photometry Laboratory is one of the oldest Slovenian measurement laboratories. It was founded in 1921 as part of the Electrical Engineering Department of the then Faculty of Technology.

The laboratory carries out research, teaching and professional work in two closely related areas: lighting. We are involved in research on light sources and luminaires and their applications. In recent years, the development of energy-saving light-emitting diode (LED) lamps and other modern light sources, and the use of natural light for indoor lighting, have been particularly topical. In addition, we design lighting and carry out calculations of illuminance and brightness in indoor and outdoor spaces. We are also consultants to practically all major Slovenian lighting companies.

Another area of work is photometry – the measurement of light as perceived by the human eye. In the laboratory, we perform practically all photometric measurements: integrating luminous flux measurements, directional and goniophotometric luminance measurements, luminance and brightness measurements with portable instruments and spectroradiometers. These also allow measurements of the spectral content of light, the colour of light and the colour appearance index. The laboratory also performs calibrations of brightness and luminance meters and develops photometric measurement equipment for our own needs and for clients.

In the laboratory, students can listen to lectures and practice various undergraduate and postgraduate courses in lighting and lighting engineering. Of course, they can also work on a thesis or seminar in this field. They are also welcome to join us for research and project work.



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