Laboratory for MachineIntelligence

The Laboratory for Machine Intelligence is part of the Department of Systems, Control and Cybernetics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The laboratory conducts research and education in the areas of speech and image technologies, computer and machine vision, electronics with digital techniques, embedded systems, pattern recognition, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

The pedagogical work of the laboratory in the undergraduate and postgraduate study program covers the teaching of the courses: signal analysis, random processes and signals, information and coding, pattern recognition, speech and image technologies, machine vision, computer vision, seminar on biometric systems, artificial intelligent systems, intelligent systems in automation, electronics with digital techniques, electronics in automation, communications in automation, and embedded systems.

The scientific research and professional work of the laboratory are directed towards research and development in the fields of biometrics, machine vision, machine hearing, and biomedical data analysis. The aim of the research activities is to develop intelligent systems for biometric recognition of individuals, diagnosing their diseases, and facilitating spoken man-machine communication. In the field of computer vision, the laboratory is working on the development of embedded computer vision systems for controlling autonomous vehicles and detecting anomalies in agricultural crops and industrial products. The laboratory collaborates with foreign universities, organizes international conferences and workshops, and contributes to the advancement of its field.


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