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The Laboratory for Telecommunications (LTFE) brings together researchers, experts, innovators, and educators in the fields of cybersecurity, networking, IoT, distributed ledger technologies, and critical communications and infrastructures. Through research and innovation within national and European research projects, we pursue applied scientific research, build prototypes and pilots, and in close collaboration with stakeholders, implement and validate technological innovations in specific industrial verticals and infrastructures. We translate expert knowledge and experiences into the educational process and specialized professional trainings in an effort to contribute to the creation, education, and training of new generations of scientists, innovators, and professionally skilled personnel.  This is done to address the present and future needs of the Slovenian and European industriy and society.

In the laboratory, we teach courses at all study levels at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, primarily within the ICT domain, as well as in a multidisciplinary context and within other study programs. Our work encompasses a broad portfolio of knowledge in the field of iICT, ranging from basic familiarity with the domain to a deep understanding of the specifics of cybersecurity, internet networks, distributed ledger technologies, and sensor technologies and the Internet of Things. In addition, we strive to bring practice as close as possible to the theory , with a significant part of our lectures including invited expert lectures, company excursions, and problem-solving assignmentstaken from real industry challenges.

Furthermore, LTFE is engaged in a wide range of research and innovation activities within European and national research projects and in collaboration with industrial partners. Our research and development work includes the design and implementation of telecommunication protocols, research, development and prototyping of honeypots in various critical infrastructures and the Internet, solutions for advanced monitoring and profiling of cybersecurity threats, and the design and development of modern applications in the field of critical communications and public safety. Among the results of our work is the Cyberlab platform, and we have opened the doors to our Testcenter for external clients, providing the latest powerful infrastructure and equipment for a wide range of advanced testing, experiments, and validations of digital infrastructure.

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