User Adapted Communicationand Ambient Intelligence Laboratory

The User-Adapted Communications and Ambient Intelligence Lab (LUCAMI) has a long tradition of research in the areas of interactivity in multimedia services and efficient processing of multidimensional signals and content. Since the 1990s, we have worked with technology giants such as Philips and the BBC to develop advanced personalised interactive television services, laying the foundations for modern pop culture, entertainment, and information services.

Our main goal is to improve the user experience through the personalisation of ICT solutions and the development of intelligent environments and assistive technologies. Our current challenges include the use of intelligence in teaching (learning outcomes, anxiety, content recommendations), cognitive user modelling (AI, psychophysiological measurements, environment) and technology-enabled elderly care (activity recommenders, measurement of independent living). In the field of smart grids, we are exploring the deployment of ICT technologies for the integration of renewable energies and the development of user-centric flexible demand services (e-mobility, V2X).

The teaching activities of our members cover the areas of signal processing, communication electronics and devices, personalised multimedia communication, user-centric optimization, intelligence and user experience in ICT as well as mobile services and project management.

Our research results are brought to life through intensive collaboration with partners from industry, academia, education and training.


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