Electrical Engineering - 3. letnik - Electrical Enginnering - Control Engineering

Subject code3. yearpillarcontact hours
 5. semester 
64126Introduction to RoboticsOST30030601255SLO
64124Systems AnalysisOST451530901506SLO
64123Control Systems InstrumentationOST45045901506SLO
64128Fundamentals of MechatronicsIST30030601255SLO
64129Intelligent SystemsIST45015601255SLO
64130Numerical MethodsIST30030601255SLO
 total 5. semester      30 
 6. semester 
64133Computer simulationOST45030751255SLO
64132Industrial Control SystemsOST45045901506SLO
64131Electronics in AutomationOST45045901506SLO
64180DDiploma thesisOSP00001506SLO
64134Virtual Reality (Modul A)ISP30030601255SLO
64135Imaging Informatics (Modul A)ISP30030601255SLO
64136Designing Embedded Systems (Modul B)ISP30030601255SLO
64137Programming Embedded Systems (Modul B)ISP30030601255SLO
64138Low-Voltage Electrical Installations (Modul C)ISP30030601255SLO
64139Programmable Control Systems (Modul C)ISP30030601255SLO
64140World Wide Web (Modul D)ISP45015601255SLO
64141Multimedia Systems (Modul D)ISP45015601255SLO
64142Project Management, Innovation and Teamwork (Modul E)ISP30030601255SLO
64143Product Design and Development (Modul E)ISP30030601255SLO
 total 6. semester      30 
 total 3. year      60 

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P .. Lecture
A .. Avditorial
L .. Tutorial and lab work
∑S .. Individual work
∑K+S .. total number of hours
ECTS .. number of ECTS credits
OSP .. compulsory professional course CPC
OST .. compulsory general course CGC
IST .. elective professional course EPC
ISP .. elective general course EGC

Courses syllabuses of 1st Cycle Academic Study Programme in Electrical Engineering

Courses syllabuses of 1st Cycle Academic Study Programme in Electrical Engineering 2019/2020

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