Numerical Methods

Higher education teachers: Dolinar Gregor

Higher education teachers: , Hajdinjak Melita

Higher education teachers: , Žagar Emil
Collaborators: Perne Andrej
Credits: 5
Semester: winter
Subject code: 64130

Subject description


  • Enrolment in the third year of study.

Content (Syllabus outline):

Solving nonlinear equations (bisection method, secant method, Newton method). Systems of linear equations (Gaussian elimination, iterative methods, boundary value problems, overdetermined and underdetermined systems of linear equations). Interpolation and approximation (polynomial interpolation, cubic splines, least squares method). Numerical integration (trapezoidal rule, Simpson rule, Romberg method, singular integrals). Ordinary differential equations (Euler method, Heun method, shooting method). Partial differential equations (finite difference method).

Objectives and competences:

  • Understanding of basic numerical methods, their meaning and usage.
  • Develop numerical-analytical thinking.
  • To get to know programming tools Matlab and Octave.

Intended learning outcomes:

After successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • describe basic numerical methods,
  • numerically solve nonlinear equations, systems of linear equations and problems with approximation and interpolation,
  • numerically compute definite integrals and numerically solve ordinary and partial differential equations,
  • use the programming tools Matlab and Octave for solving numerical problems,
  • critically analyse and numerically interpret technical problems that we encounter in practise,
  • critically evaluate the solution.

Learning and teaching methods:

  • Lectures and laboratory tutorials.
  • Homework assignements in Matlab or Octave.

Study materials

1. B. Plestenjak: Razširjen uvod v numerične metode, DMFA-založništvo, 2015
2. R.Burden, J.D.Faires: Numerical Analysis, 9th ed., Brooks/Cole, Boston 2010
3. Jurcic Zlobec Borut, Perne Andrej: Octave z uvodom v numericne metode, Zalozba FE, 2009
4. B. Orel: Osnove numerične matematike, Založba FE in FRI, Ljubljana, 2004
5. B. Jurčič-Zlobec, A. Berkopec: Matlab z uvodom v numerične metode, Založba FE in FRI, Ljubljana, 2005
6. Spletna učilnica eFE

Study in which the course is carried out

  • 3 year - 1st cycle - Electrical Enginnering - Control Engineering
  • 3 year - 1st cycle - Electrical Enginnering - Electronics
  • 3 year - 1st cycle - Electrical Enginnering - Power Engineering and Mechatronics
  • 3 year - 1st cycle - Electrical Enginnering - Information and Communication Technologies