Continuous Signals and Systems

Higher education teachers: Košir Andrej
Collaborators: Zaletelj Janez
Credits: 7
Semester: winter
Subject code: 64166

Subject description


  • Enrolment 3 rd year

Content (Syllabus outline):

Continuous time linear casual time invariant systems (LTI, system equation). Basic continuous time electric signals: selected types and operations. Representation and analysis of continuous signals using Fourier series, Fourier transform (frequency and power spectrum) and Laplace transform. Definition, properties and limitations of a linear circuit. Topological circuit description, describing a circuit using matrix equations. Using different methods to analyse the circuit (branch current method, window current method and intersection potential method). Power source transformation theorem and Tellengen’s theorem. Classical analysis of circuits using differential equations, interpretation, convolution. Steady state analysis (pointers, system function, power). Single input circuits (Thevenin equivalent, maximum power transmission theorem, resonance). Dual-input circuits: reciprocity theorem, modelling circuit as a quadripole and determining different quadripole parameters. Spectral analysis (using spectrum to analyse circuits), using Laplace to analyse circuits. Linear feedback systems (analysis, causality and stability).

Objectives and competences:

Basic understanding of linear circuits and systems. Understanding of the relationship between continuous time signal representations and linear system analysis. Recognition of a system type according to types of their components. Recognition and understanding of selected phenomena in linear systems.

Intended learning outcomes:

Apply linear circuit and linear system theory to design and analysis of real systems. Apply signal representation theory in understanding and analysing effects of linear systems to continuous time signals.

Learning and teaching methods:

  • lectures,
  • tutorials,
  • consultations.

Study materials

  1. B. P. Lahti: Linear Systems and Signals, Oxford University Press, 2005.
  2. A. V. Oppenheim, A. S. Willsky: Signals and Systems, Pearson Education Lim., 2014.

Study in which the course is carried out

  • 3 year - 1st cycle - Electrical Enginnering - Information and Communication Technologies