Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering II

Higher education teachers: , Humar Iztok
Collaborators: Penič Samo
Credits: 7
Semester: summer
Subject code: 64607

Subject description


  • Enrolment in the year of the course.
  • Positive (passed) exam on Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I is prerequisite for attending written examination.

Content (Syllabus outline):

  • Magnetic field. Current element. Ampere’s law of magnetic force. Magnetic flux density. Biot-Savart law. Magnetic flux. Gauss law of magnetic field. Ampere’s circuital law. Lorentz force. Moving charge in electromagnetic field. Torque and work of magnetic force. Magnetic dipole. Magnetic material and magnetic field. Magnetization. Magnetic field strength. Permeability. Boundary conditions of magnetic field. Magnetomotive force. Scalar magnetic potential. Elements of magnetic circuits.
  • Faraday induction law. Electromotive force voltage and electric field, Stokes’ theorem of electric field. Motional and transformer electromotances. Magnetic flux linkage. Self and mutual inductances. Coils and coupled coils. Magnetic field energy. Lifting force. Electromagnets. Displacement current. Maxwell’s equations.
  • AC electric circuits. Sinusoidal steady-state electric circuits and analysis in complex domain: phasors, impedance and admittance, complex power. Oscillators. Resonance. Theorems. Transformer. Three-phase circuits. Transients.

Objectives and competences:

To acquire fundamental knowledge on magnetic field, induced field as well as AC electric circuits, three phase systems and transient circuit analysis. The acquired knowledge serves as a basis for further electrotechnical studies.

Intended learning outcomes:

Understand and use the laws of magnetic field and induced electric field, AC electric circuits, three phase systems and transient circuit analysis.

Learning and teaching methods:

  • Lectures,
  • exercises,
  • laboratory work (practicum),
  • homeworks and seminars.
  • IT assisted teaching (video, animations, web materials, simulation examples, …)

Study materials


  1. Duffin W. J.: Electricity and magnetism, McGraw-Hill, London, 1990.
  2. Popović D. B.: Osnovi elektrotehnike 1 in 2, Građevanska knjiga, Beograd, 1986.
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  5. Albach M.:Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik 1 und 2, Pearson Studium, Muenchen, 2005.
  6. web page:

Study in which the course is carried out

  • 1 year - 1st cycle - Applied Electrical Engineering