Higher education teachers: Bojkovski Jovan

Higher education teachers: , Drnovšek Janko
Credits: 5
Semester: summer
Subject code: 64664

Subject description


  • Enrolment in 2. Year of undergraduate study – Technical quality

Content (Syllabus outline):

  • EU classification of metrology (legal, scientific, industrial), international organizations (BIPM, OIML, EURAMET)
  • Basic SI units, definitions and realizations (realization of basic SI units in Slovenia)
  • Basic metrological terms (uncertainty, correction, systematic error, …)
  • Measurement uncertainty (type A(statistical) and type B(non-statistical))
  • Typical uncertainty sources, estimation and calculation of uncertainty, calibration procedures, examples from different technical areas
  • Basic probability and information theory in measurements
  • Modern software and hardware tools in metrological laboratories (emphasizes on basic SI units)

Objectives and competences:

  • Understanding of metrological system, hierarchy of international organizations, EU classifications, linkage of Slovenian metrological system with international system
  • Acquire knowledge regarding basic and other SI units, understand definitions, realizations and dissimenation of units, traceability to higher hierarchical levels
  • Presentation of measurement results (uncertainty, correction, ...)
  • Uncertainty sources in electrical and non-electrical measurements
  • Basic statistical probability distribution used in measurement science for analysis of measurement results and uncertainty
  • Technologies and instrumentation
  • Understanding and correctly solving measurement problems

Knowledge and understanding:

basic knowledge about metrology, understanding how modern metrological systems are made, advanced technical quality items

Learning and teaching methods:

  • Lectures,
  • seminars,
  • laboratory exercises.

Study materials


  1. DRNOVŠEK, Janko, BOJKOVSKI, Jovan, GERŠAK, Gregor, PUŠNIK, Igor, HUDOKLIN, Domen, GERŠAK, Gregor, Metrologija, ; Fakulteta za elektrotehniko 2012
  2. BIPM: "The International System of Units (SI)", 8 izdaja, 2006
  3. BIPM Evaluation of measurement data — Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement, JCGM 100:2008
  4. BIPM, International vocabulary of metrology – Basic and general concepts and associated terms (VIM), JCGM 200:2012
  5. Morris, A.S.: Measurement and Instrumentation: Theory and Application, ELSEVIER, 2011

Study in which the course is carried out

  • 2 year - 1st cycle - Applied Electrical Engineering - Quality Engineering