Regulation and Control Techniques

Higher education teachers: Škrjanc Igor
Collaborators: Logar Vito
Credits: 5
Semester: summer
Subject code: 64666

Subject description

Content (Syllabus outline):

  • Introduction. Control system theory. Examples of control systems in chemical technology, robotics, etc. Feedback control paradigm. The effects of feedback loop. Comparison between open-loop and closed-loop control systems.
  • Feed-back control loop. Basic elements of the loop. Study of P, I and D dynamical elements and their functionality in closed-loop control systems. Continuous and discrete controllers. PID controller. Design of PID controller. Root locus and design of control loop. Multi-loop control systems: bump-less transfer and anti-wind up.
  • Simulation of control systems in program framework Matlab and Matlab-Simulink. Examples of modelling, simulation and control using Matlab.
  • Practical realization of different control systems on laboratory pilot plants.
  • Introduction to combinatorial and sequential logic. Programmable logic controllers.

Objectives and competences:

The objective is to present the basic control theory, main principles of control design and live cycles of control systems.

Intended learning outcomes:

Basic knowledge of control systems design, implementation and simulation.

Learning and teaching methods:

Lectures and laboratory execises

Study materials


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Study in which the course is carried out

  • 2 year - 1st cycle - Applied Electrical Engineering - Quality Engineering