Higher education teachers: Drnovšek Janko
Collaborators: Begeš Gaber
Credits: 7
Semester: winter
Subject code: 64696

Subject description


  • Entry in the first year.

Content (Syllabus outline):

  • Introduction (fundamentals of technical infrastructure, metrology, accreditation, standardization, conformity assessment) interconnections and specifics
  • Concept of quality and standardisation,
  • Directives and national legislation (transposition, implementation, legislation system),
  • Standardization (standardization infrastructure, development, types, renewal, standard understanding),
  • Discussing general (infrastructural) groups of standards (directives for documentation of quality systems and conformity assessment, etc.),
  • Philosophy of New and Global approach - concept,
  • Modular approach towards European conformity (CE) marking of products according to standard requirements and preparation of technical documentation
  • Quality system management,
  • Total Quality Management (TQM), problems solving techniques and quality circle,
  • Procedures and basic tools for quality assurance (control charts, quality function deployment - QFD, failure mode and effect analysis - FMEA, process control - PC, optimal experiment design, etc.),
  • Quality and standardization in different fields (production, laboratory, service, environment, safety, health.

Objectives and competences:

Aim of the course is to get acquainted with concrete knowledge on complete establishment and quality assurance of different systems - production and service. In scope of this subject students gather separate knowledge for total quality assurance. In this scope is meant quality system assessment and certification and getting acquainted with tools for achieving best results. Student gets knowledge on solving problems using quality tools. In addition student gets acquainted with reliability, economy, legislation and safety. This fundamentals, which are typically defined by legislation, human protection, environment, market, etc., are upgraded by quality. Students get knowledge on practical examples of quality systems.

Intended learning outcomes:

basic concept of technical infrastructure, standardization, accreditation, European national legislation, drafting a standard, knowledge on types of standards, quality assurance, knowledge on assessment and certification process, knowledge on directives of new and global approach, CE marking and modular approach in it, importance and concept of technical documentation of a product, knowledge on total quality management, quality management systems, quality tools for quality assurance, QFD and FMEA methods for quality management, connection of quality and law, safety and environment, concrete technical knowledge on testing, knowledge on laboratory work for quality assurance and safety, preparation of optimal experiment, implementation of quality systems and preparation of quality management according to a standard.

Learning and teaching methods:

  • lectures,
  • auditory exercises,
  • laboratory exercises,
  • seminar works.

Study materials


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  2. www.iso.org,
  3. www.iec.ch,
  4. www.iecee.org,
  5. www.cenelec.org,
  6. www.itu.int,
  7. www.cenorm.be,
  8. www.gov.si/sa,
  9. www.ilac.org,
  10. www.mirs.si,
  11. www.euramet.eu,
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  23. “Blitz QFD – The Lean Approach to New Product Development.” ASQ World Conference on Quality Improvement. May 2012
  24. VIM - International Vocabulary of Terms in Legal Metrology; 2012

Study in which the course is carried out

  • 3 year - 1st cycle - Applied Electrical Engineering - Quality Engineering