Higher education teachers: Humar Iztok

Higher education teachers: , Meža Marko
Credits: 5
Subject code: 64804

Subject description


Enrolment in the 1st year of doctoral study programme, Fundamentals of electrical engineering, higher mathematics, fundamentals of numerical methods in engineering.

Content (Syllabus outline):

The course is constructed of three parts:

  • Theoretical part in which we repeat Maxwell’s laws in integral form and transform them to a differential one. Poynting theorem, Helmholtz equation, Green formulation are introduced. Mathematical formulation of electromagnetic field for numerical computation is analysed.
  • Aspects of numerical simulations in electromagnetics are discussed (possible simplifications, boundary conditions, discretization of equations, meshing, methods for numerical computation).
  • A concrete practical example of an electromagnetic structure is analysed and suitably modelled using computational tools for numerical simulations in electromagnetics.

Objectives and competences:

  • In depth understanding of electromagnetic field..
  • Understanding numerical methods in electrical engineering
  • Virtual design electromagnetic structures and systems.
  • Solving a concrete simulation case.

Intended learning outcomes:

  • deeper understanding on the theory of electromagnetic field,
  • understand and use computational methods in electromagnetics,
  • understand and use computer tools for numerical simulations.

Learning and teaching methods:

  • Lectures,
  • research work,
  • usage of computer tools for numerical simulations.

Study materials

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  2. P. P. Silvester, R. L. Ferrari: Finite elements for electrical engineers, University Press, Cambridge, 1996.
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  7. www.comsol.com

Gradiva najdete tudi na strani:http://video.fe.uni-lj.si/elektromagnetika/