After mobility

There are several documents that need to be delivered at the end of the mobility:


  1. Confirmation of Study Period
  2. Learning Agreement During Mobility
  3. Final Report and Information System (STUDIS)
  4. Transcript of Records
  5. Subject recognition 



This document confirms the accurate duration of the stay (from the enrolment/orientation week/language course to the day of last academic commitment). It should be delivered to Ms Katarina Erjavec Drešar (international office at our Faculty), where all the necessary signatures will be provided. (if you already did it before just let International office know about it) The International office will issue this document to you (the student) or send the original to your coordinator at International Office. The dates indicated on the document will be:

  • Arrival: the date indicated on your form, at your first appearance at our office
  • Departure: the day of your last personal appearance at our office. We can`t sign the document with the final date before that date has passed

If you need this document based on a different template (e.g. to include specific details), please contact our International office or just fill the form from your University; you may derive the document from - our form



If you need sign Learning Agreement "during mobility part" (in case that you did some changes in subjects/credits.), it has to be filled in bring it to the international office to arrange all signatures that you need. 



Please complete our final report, which need to be filled in before the office will issue the Transcript of Records (ToR).

Your feedback will help us make our services more effective for future Erasmus students.

You also have to obtain the following document here stamped by our librarian, and deliver it to the international office. NOTE: due to corona virus please send an email to the library that they will confirm (by email) that you returned all books.



Please note that all passed courses will be listed on your Transcript of Records, whereas the failed ones will not be included. Only courses that you have taken at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering will appear on the transcript that is issued by Faculty of Electrical Engineering. 

Please also note that a subject without grade means that the student did not take an exam and/or did not fulfill obligatory duties during the semester to be able to take an exam. Therefore, this does not mean that he was graded with a negative grade, but the the exam was not even taken at all.

Within five weeks after your exam results are registered at our student system "STUDIS" by the professors in charge, the International office will send Transcript of Records directly to the International office at your home university. Please provide the correct post address of your home coordinator (name, surname, name of faculty, full address, post code and country)! As a rule of thumb, it will not take more than three weeks for your grades to be entered into your account after your examination. Only after that you will be able to see them in the on-line reserved area. You can also check in student system if all the grades are reported. You may inform our International office and they will prepare the papers sooner.

Due to the current Covid situation Faculty of Electrical Engineering of University of Ljubljana issues only digitally signed documents that are related to XY (students' Erasmus exchanges, ...). Currently, we cannot provide any documents that are signed by hand on a color paper or stamped.

If you are officially on an internship at our faculty, but you have been enrolled into courses at other faculties as well, please deliver us copies of the final ToR from these facultties as well.

The originial will not be handed to you!

Thank you for your understanding.