At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (hereinafter FEE), full- and part-time students have the possibility to use the following software:

Microsoft software:

MSDNAA software, where Microsoft development tools and operating systems are available. If you are using an operating system from the MSDNAA package, it is necessary to purchase the basic operating system (least expensive).

Licensing is arranged through the FEE.

Wolfram Mathematica:

Mathematica 8

Licensing is arranged through the FEE.

All additional information on the use of the MSDNAA is available on the website http://msdnaa.fe.uni-lj.si and at .





  • Student dormitories (ERASMUS)

Erasmus students can apply for a bed in student dormitories. Beds are given to students on “first come first serve” basis. The rooms are double, with shared bathroom and shared kitchen. The access to internet is available in all the dormitories. The price of the room depends on the type of the apartment and size of the room. The average price per person per month in a double room is 80-90 EUR.

HOW TO APPLY: fill in the Information on Housing in the online application by 15 May (first semester/full year) or 15 November (second semester) - "first come first serve" basis applies to online application


  • Private accommodation:

The Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana will help you find private accommodation after your arrival to Ljubljana. Before your departure you should book yourself a hostel for the first few nights. After the arrival, visit the International Office of the Student Organization (Vojkova 63, office hours MON - THUR: 12 am – 3 pm) or contact them by e-mail: 


  • HousingAnywhere:

Use HousingAnywhere platform to rent out your room to an incoming exchange student and get a room in Ljubljana.

This website is free to use and it operates on a student-to-student basis.
For any questions, please contact 


More information about accommodation.or here


Slovene language course for ERASMUS+ students

What: 60 hours course, 3 ECTS

When: 7–25 September 2015 - Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm

Where: Faculty of Arts, Aškerčeva 2, Ljubljana

Application deadline: 1 June 2015 (places are limited)

Price: 75€ (textbook included in the price)

Application form and more information: http://www.centerslo.net/l2.asp?L1_ID=1&L2_ID=5&LANG=eng



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