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entering and maintaining the personal bibliographies

An important and responsible service provided by the Library of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is entering and maintaining the researchers’ personal bibliographies in the COBISS system. The purpose and objective of this activity is to collect data for personal, habilitation bibliographies, to review research activities in the parent organisation and to evaluate the research performance of an individual, a group and/or a research organisation at the national level. This is done by specially trained librarians, licensed to work in the COBISS system.

The service is free of charge for employees of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The same applies to PhD students for the entry of publications, which are mandatory for the successful completion of their studies according to the Regulations. Other publications are payable according to the applicable price list.

By prior arrangement, we can also enter bibliographies for external users. In this case, the service is payable according to the current price list. For legal persons, the service is provided on the basis of a purchase order.

It is important that the author actively cooperates with the library to enter publications and/or derivative works, as this can significantly increase the reliability, accuracy and credibility of the data.

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