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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering has been strengthening its cooperation with Slovenian and foreign companies, both in the field of research and development and in the study process. Students at all levels of study are encouraged to get involved in real projects in the business sector, and experts from companies are also involved in various ways in organised forms of study.

The labour market is actually very favourable for electrical and multimedia engineers today, as the battle for good talent is in full swing. For UL FE students, it is therefore important to have open opportunities for contact with the working environment during your studies, so that you have enough time to make the best decision for your future career path among all the possibilities that organisations offer you.

Further down the website you will find presentations of the UL FE partners and their advertisements for jobs, student work, student internships or theses, excursions and visits to workplaces and much more. So never hesitate to get in touch with the faculty teachers or the company representatives via the contacts listed. We believe that for every engineer there is a challenge and for every engineering challenge there is an opportunity to realise it.

Career Week

Career Week brings students and graduates closer to the best opportunities to network with leading companies and institutions in the sector and to gain new skills and experience. During the Careers Fair, students can find out about what companies have to offer; from practical training opportunities, themes for final theses, student work, staff scholarships to job opportunities.

Career Partners

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