Educational and promotionalprojects

University teacher: Kamnik Roman
Number of credits: 3

Description of the subject

Conditions for participation: Enrolment in the year of study.


Independent work during the year:

  • Design and preparation of electrical engineering experiments and presentations
  • Conducting electrical engineering experiments and demonstrations
  • Design and preparation of competition tasks
  • Design, preparation and delivery of educational and promotional workshops
  • Introducing and popularising the fields of electrical engineering to different target groups


Objectives and competences:


  • introducing young people to electrical engineering
  • transferring knowledge between generations
  • popularising the field of electrical engineering


  • guidance and counselling skills
  • application and transfer of study strategies
  • interpersonal communication
  • time management
  • planning and recording work
  • preparing and writing reports
  • reflecting on your own experience and transferring your knowledge and skills to others


Intended study outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding:

The functioning of the higher education system, the basics of communication, study strategies and their application, interpersonal communication, guidance and counselling skills, the application of study strategies, time management, making sense of one’s own experience and transferring knowledge to others.


Methods of work:

Presentations, lectures, workshops, problem solving.



  • Technology Knowledge Competition
  • Innovative Technologies Summer Camp
  • Events for primary and high school students

Studies in which the course is conducted:

  • 0th year – level – Extracurricular activity

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