Smart distributionnetworks

University teacher: Blažič Boštjan
Number of credits: 4

Description of the subject

Conditions for participation: Enrolment in electrical engineering.


General characteristics of a distribution network with distributed generation; Load characteristics, consumption and generation of electricity; Integration of distributed generation; Integration of electricity storage technologies; Impact of electric vehicles on the distribution network; Forecasting consumption and generation; Optimal management of the distribution network using smart grid technologies; Virtual power plant; Power quality in distribution networks; Distribution network planning.


Objectives and competences:

The student will have a basic understanding of the operation and modelling of modern distribution networks. He/she will acquire a basic knowledge of how to determine the impact of renewables and electric vehicles on the operation of the distribution network. The student will learn about the basic technologies of smart grids.


Intended study outcomes:

After a successful completion of the module, students should be able to:

  • describe the structure and control of the distribution system,
  • explain approaches to modelling distribution network elements,
  • develop a model of the distribution network,
  • evaluate the impact of electric vehicles on the distribution network,
  • evaluate the impact of renewable sources on the distribution network,
  • apply modern concepts for managing the distribution network.


Working methods:

Lectures, auditorium and laboratory tutorials, preparation of a seminar paper in the framework of a selected project assignment.



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Studies in which the course is conducted:

  • 0th year – level – Extracurricular activity

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