OpenLab Kranj

OpenLab is the young.

OpenLab is the young. Young people from Kranj and the whole Gorenjska region, offering knowledge in a wide range of technological fields to other young people. OpenLab is an innovative environment where young people can create, experiment, learn new skills, attend regular workshops and lectures, take on interesting projects and explore different career opportunities.

At OpenLab we try to offer as many different areas of creativity as possible. These include:

  • web, mobile and computer programming and app development,
  • the Internet of Things and the development of smart spaces,
  • multimedia,
  • photography and video production,
  • Robotics

and on and on …

We organise regular weekly workshops, lectures, holiday workshops, camps, training, technology days and more.

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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Tržaška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana

E: T:  01 4768 411