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For all that are facing different situations in the sphere of interpersonal relationships, studies …

Trustees at the faculty

The trustees at UL FE are Barbara Baraga and Prof. Dr Gregor Geršak.

If your distress is very severe, please contact the emergency medical services at 112 or the Crisis Intervention Unit in Ljubljana, Grablovičeva 44a, phone (01)5874 922, or the Centre for Outpatient Psychiatry, Njegoševa 4, Ljubljana, phone (01) 4750 685.

The purpose

Psychosocial counselling  for students and employees is aimed at all those who are facing different situations (in the sphere of interpersonal relationships, studies, etc.) that are causing:

  • (everyday) issues you want to “talk over” with someone,
  • distress, unpleasant experiences,
  • a desire to think about the next steps (related to a specific problem, or in life in general, independence, partnership, etc.),
  • the need to confront past painful experiences,
  • problems achieving goals, motivation problems, etc. and would like to do something about it,
  • issues related to self-esteem, identity, LGBTIQ+,
  • a desire to improve communication and interpersonal relationships (partner, authority, parents, etc.), assertiveness, etc.

The psychosocial counselling is also open to students who would like someone to discuss with their different views, questions, dilemmas, uncertainties regarding their (future) professional work or issues that arise in the course of your internship, visits, confrontations … with users and institutions (supervision, coaching) with.

It is also for anyone who is just curious, or would like to chat about themselves, or get some feedback on their activities.


Where and when?

The Psychosocial Counselling Centre for students and staff operates in four locations:

  • Faculty of Education (Tuesdays 10.30-12.30) – room 405,
  • Faculty of Medicine (Thursdays 12.00-14.00) – in the 4th floor lounge,
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (Tuesdays 13.00-15.00) – room 519,
  • Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television – room 508.

Consultation hours vary from case to case, so please check in advance. In exceptional cases, if meeting in person is difficult or impossible, if you are ill, etc., you can arrange for remote counselling.

As a rule, you choose the location that is closest to you and the consultant with whom you do not have a relationship (study, family, acquaintance, etc.).

Who are we?

Faculty of Education

You can contact the following advisers at the Faculty of Education:

Faculty of Health

You can contact the following advisers at the Faculty of Health:

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

You can contact the following advisers at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics:

Stay up to date

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