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BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), which has been active since 1989, is a voluntary, non-political and non-profit organisation that brings together European students of technology and facilitates exchanges between students across Europe and communication and cooperation between them.

It consists of 97 Local BEST Groups (LBGs), located in 34 countries across Europe, with more than 3800 active European students participating in BEST.

LBG (Local BEST Group) in Ljubljana is one of the founding members of BEST. Our main ambition is to organise events in the best possible way, so we make sure that there is good cooperation between students, companies and the university, where we exchange experiences and ideas.

We currently have 44 members, some of whom are also active at the international level of BEST. Every year we try to organise events such as BEST Days of Technology and Science (BDTN), EBEC Local – MacGyver competition, a summer course, motivational weekends and various other events.

All our members work on a voluntary basis, both locally and internationally. Through active membership, they gain a wealth of experience in teamwork, organisation and leadership, while strengthening their communication skills in both the local and foreign languages.

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