ŠSFE is the students’ representative in the faculty structure.

The Student Council of the faculty represents all students at the level of the faculty in matters related to the study process, the promotion of professors, and the setting of enrolment fees and other material costs of studies. It also deals with all cases of violations of the Statutes or other acts of the University of Ljubljana and tries to resolve them individually, while at the same time examining the causes of the irregularities or conflict situations and trying to eliminate the causes through changes in the system. It is necessary to find as many valid arguments as possible together, which will make it easier to speak up and succeed in one’s demands.

The Students’ Council is the subject of student activity at the university and is independent in its functioning, as there is no monetary remuneration and the body does not specialise in terms of service activities. The Student Council is responsible for informing students, problematising and criticising problematic situations and events in higher education, making concrete proposals for improving this situations and, ultimately, taking an active part in the adoption of new legislation.

The Student Council works in several areas to create a student space at the level of the student’s academic and extra-curricular life. The Student Council operates in meetings, as stated in the Rules of Procedure of the Student Council, where it takes makes decisions concerning the rights and duties of students. A special spectrum of the working is represented by the committees, which include student representatives. These members are the link between the work of the ŠSFE and the comitees, as all students’ opinions need to be represented in the comitees, especially if the ŠSFE makes a decision on a particular issue.

Where can you find us?

The Student Council can be contacted by email at, to which you can address your questions, suggestions, complaints, offers and compliments. Anything related to the promotion of events, sending out notices and job opportunities is accepted at

The telephone number is 01 4768 706; the office that you can visit in person is located on the 4th floor of Building A.


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The Student Council of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is the representative of students in the structure of the faculty, which is designated by the Higher Education Act and the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana as the student representative of the opinions and interests of all students of the university. We want to solve all problems for you, the students, because that is why we were elected in the elections by year or course. We want to do something for others, and maybe future students will benefit from it too.

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