Study notices

Released restrictions – updates for students and teachers

Publish date: 25.05.2020

Based on today's decision of the Rector of the University of Ljubljana, from Monday, 18 May 2020, we can again carry out part of the pedagogical process in the form of laboratory practice in laboratories of our faculty.

Lecturers of the courses in which the laboratory practice will be carried out at the faculty will inform students in a timely manner about the method of implementation and the start of implementation.
Working in the laboratory, it is mandatory to implement all safety measures defined in the Rector's decision of 15 April 2020 and in the document Safety measures to ensure the continuous work of UL FE during Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Special attention must be paid to ensuring physical distance, disinfecting hands, disinfecting surfaces and equipment, ventilation and the use of protective equipment. Consequently, the work will take place in smaller groups for a shorter period of time.
Entry to the faculty is still allowable only to the employees, so the course lecturer will pick up the students at the main entrance 10 minutes before the start of the laboratory practice. Access to the faculty is allowed only to those who show no signs of infection. The course lecturer will supervise the implementation of security measures at the entrance (hand disinfection, use of protective masks, body temperature measurement, ...) and accompany students to the laboratory, taking into account the safety protocol (motion in a row, distance between individuals 2 m). The record of attendance will be kept by the course lecturer. If several groups of students will be entering the faculty at the same time, the course lecturers will ensure proper spacing between groups with the appropriate distance in the lobby or in front of the faculty.
Entry to the faculty is only possible using a protective mask. Students bring your protective mask with you, while you also have an option of using a protective mask made at UL FE. After finishing the laboratory practice, students leave the faculty. You can wait for the next laboratory practice at the faculty, but only in the lobby or garden of the faculty, by obeying all safety precautions. Movement of students within the faculty is not allowed. The exception is the use of toilets.
We will adjust the protocol according to the situation, and we will keep you informed.

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