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Guidelines for students – written exams

Publish date: 25.05.2020


The Rector’s Resolution dated 14 May 2020 allows, among other things, the conduct of exams with the physical presence of students at the faculty. When conducting a written examination at the faculty, it is necessary to take into account security measures in accordance with the Rector's Resolution dated 15 April 2020 and Security measures for ensuring continuous work of UL FE during coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). The essence of safety measures is to ensure physical distance, washing or disinfecting hands, disinfecting surfaces and equipment, ventilation and use of protective equipment.

Written exams will be conducted in small groups, as the capacity of lecture halls is smaller due to ensurance of safe physical distance. In accordance to the Decree on the Temporary General Restriction on the Gathering of People in Public Places in the Republic of Slovenia (Uradni list RS, No. 69/20), the number of persons present is limited to 50, provided that physical distance of 1,5 m can be ensured. Seats for students in lecture halls are marked with stickers.

Entry to the faculty will continue to be possible only with the employee card, so the regime of entry of students will be the same as in the implementation of laboratory exercises. The examiner picks up the students at the main entrance 10 minutes before the start of the exam. Access to the faculty is allowed only to those who show no signs of infection. The examiner supervises the implementation of security measures at the entrance (disinfection of hands, use of protective masks ...) and accompanies students to the lecture hall, taking into account the protocol of movement inside the building (appropriate physical distance), where candidates sit only in marked places. The attendance record is kept by the examiner. In the event of a large number of groups of students entering the faculty at the same time, the examiners must ensure that the groups are properly spaced with the appropriate distance in the lobby or in front of the faculty.

Entry to the faculty is only possible using a protective mask. Students bring their protective mask with them, but they also have the option of using a protective mask made by UL FE. The use of protective mask while writing the exam is not required for students unless he has a direct question for the examiner.

The exams will take approximately 1 hour. After the completion of the examination, the lecture hall needs to be cleaned and ventilated, so the exams in the same lecture hall can only take place every other hour.

The examiner distributes the written exams on the tables next to the marked seats before going to pick up students in front of the building. After checking attendance, the examiner begins the exam. Students turn the exam sheets and start writing. Pens must be provided by students. When the students have finished writing, they individually bring the exam sheet and put it in a box prepared by the examiner.

Upon completion of the exam, students leave the faculty. Students are not allowed to stay in other premises of the faculty. The exceptions are the faculty garden, restaurant, and the use of the toilet.

We will adjust the protocol according to the situation and we will keep you informed.