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Coronavirus – guidelines

Publish date: 26.10.2020

Health, safety and welfare of all our students and staff is our main priority. 

Our university is monitoring closely the situation and is taking the necessary steps in line with the national regulations.

Some useful information regarding your arrival to Slovenia – crossing border, pedagogical process, research work, quarantine.

You can find all updates on regulations and taken measures concerning Covid-19 on our website.


Based on the epidemiological situation we have to protect ourselves in a different way and observe safety and hygiene measures to prevent the spread of infection (safety distance of at least 1.5 m, protection against protection, hand disinfection, room ventilation). In case or signs of illness (fever, cough, ...) contact your doctor and stay at home.

Please limit personal contacts at the Faculty to the minimum necessary. Meetings should, if possible, take place over the phone or virtually.

From Monday, October 26, 2020 until cancelation, the pedagogical process, including laboratory exercises, is carried out exclusively remotely. During this period, activities with the physical presence of students are abolished, also for graduates who prepare diploma and master's theses in laboratories. Pleaes be in contact with your professors about all the necessary lab work. 

Please be so kind and report the information that you are ill to the address

Foreign students who do not have their own personal doctors in Slovenia should call Student Health Center for help or call the emergency medical assistance 112. The doctor will refer them for testing and issue further instructions. In the case of a confirmed infection, the student only reports this to the address and states which exercises he attended in the last 2 days before the confirmed infection or before the appearance of signs of infection and informs his contacts.

In case of an additional question, you can contact

Stay healthy and take care of your own health and the health of others.

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