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New opportunities for participation in EUTOPIA

Publish date: 11.05.2021


EUTOPIA Alliance is looking for candidates and PhD students for project coordination and grant writing.

Within the newly established university network EUTOPIA, which is coordinated by the University of Ljubljana through its Research and development centre, many new international development and/or research opportunities are becoming available, and in the upcoming months and years, we plan to apply for many more projects, which will build upon the existing ones.

Aside from this, we also plan to establish a support system among our faculties in regard to application preparation of different research innovation projects.

With this said, we emphasize that one of our priorities within EUTOPIA is the establishment of a central support office, which would lead the way in project preparation and coordination in EUTOPIA, as well as within the context of other strategic partnerships at our faculties.

We are currently looking for several candidates who are interested in collaborating in proposal coordination and grant writing of European projects.

The candidates would, under professional leadership, develop necessary skills and competencies and coordinate the preparation of one or more project applications, or participate in grant writing for the new projects.

The responsibilities of the candidates would include the following:



  • Writing high quality Research and Innovation proposals for the Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, and/or other EU funding programmes.
  • Collaboration and communication with (potential) project partners across Europe.
  • Coordinating proposal development by determining concept, gathering and formatting information, writing drafts, and obtaining approvals.
  • Adhering to proposal schedule deadlines by establishing priorities and target dates.
  • Working knowledge of digital platforms for proposal preparation, such as Funding and Tenders Portal.
  • Superior writing skills in English.


Project preparation and coordination (OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL):

  • Management of all aspects of the grant submission process in liaison with academic staff and their research teams.
  • Drafting of the budget and financial plan.
  • Ensuring compliance with funder terms and conditions.
  • Providing advice on all aspects of pre-award management.
  • Coordination of the grant writing and content adaptation of our former ERASMUS project.

We are willing to employ the grant writers and coordinators or through the copyright agreement within the Research and development centre at the rectorate of the University of Ljubljana. The period foreseen for this opportunity is 2021-2024. 

Submit your CV to before May 15, 2021.