Lecture: Villegas Martinez - Non-Hermitian-Zigzag Glauber lattice

Datum objave: 10.7.2024

You are invited to a guest lecture on the topic of optical networks by Dr. Braulio Misael Villegas Martinez, a professor from the Center for Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences, Cuernavaca, Mexico, on Thursday, August 1, 2024, at 12:00 PM in the Graduation Room, FRI.

Lecture: Non-Hermitian-Zigzag Glauber lattice

Lecture Summary: In recent decades, substantial progress has been made in both the theoretical and experimental study of optical lattices. These advancements are driven by the unique transport characteristics of discrete optical configurations, which differ significantly from those in bulk optics. These properties have enabled a wide range of applications across various fields of applied sciences. Concurrently, non-Hermitian systems have garnered considerable interest, particularly due to the mapping of non-Hermitian dynamics to their Hermitian counterparts via non-unitary transformations. These optical advances have facilitated the development of non-reciprocal waveguide systems. Building on these efforts, this talk presents an exact analytical solution for a one-dimensional non-Hermitian zigzag waveguide—a variant of the semi-infinite Glauber-Fock lattice—achieved through a single non-unitary transformation. The obtained exact solution is compared with numerical results.

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