Biocompatible materials

Subject description

1 Modern trends in biomaterials (implants as a basis for bringing cell cultures compatibility of biomaterials, techniques to modulate the biocompatibility)

2 Interfaces between biocompatible materials and bio systems

3 Review of new technologies in   orthopedic surgeries  

4 Review of physicochemical phenomena the surface of uncemented  hip endoprostheses

(surface wetting and roughness and cell response)

5 Review of osteointegration proceses of multifuncion coatings on nanostructructured  surface of metalliic materials with the aim to  improve osteointegration between implant and bone.

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

The main objective of the course is to give students theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of biocompatibility and its modulation


Student  get the  basic knowledge and understanding in the field of bio engineering materials and tissues for the applications in orthopredic surgery and rechabilitation.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, discussion workshops of presented seminars

Demonstration of already introduced biomedical methods in surgery

Presentation of existing literature

Familiarization with ongoing research

Guidelines for further development of the field

Expected study results

Knowledge and understanding:


Knowledge and understanding in the field of engineered materials and tissues.


Methods  of tracking surgical results  on the  base of the investigations of prematurely failed hip and knee endoprosthesis  


Finding new biomaterials combiinations  with the aim to improve lifetime of implants

Basic sources and literature

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Revijalni članki  s področja ortopedske kirurgije, tekoča periodika s področja biokompatibilnih materialov ki se uporabljajo v ortopediji in v dentalni medicini ter druga učna gradiva

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