Biomechanics and biophysics in health sciences

Subject description

  • Intracellular communication in bioengineering
  • Biomechanics of endoprostheses
  • Interactions of different chemicals with biological systems (zwitterionic lipid layer, explicit water model, multivalent ions and correlations, ion specific effects, DNA condensation, force between charged surfaces)

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

The main objective of the course is to give students theoretical and practical knowledge in techniques for the study of biocompatibility and its modulation, interactions of nanostructured surfaces with the cell membrane and the role of biomechanics and biophysics in the function of  endoprostheses.

Teaching and learning methods

  • lectures
  • Individual project work
  • Presentation and interpretation of results of project work to the other students in open discussion
  • Journal club – discussion of published research articles on selected topics (critical evaluation of scientific literature, presentation of the "case studies")

Expected study results

  • knowledge on biophysical processes and their matematical models of junction of engeneered materials and tissues
  • use of mathematical models of the interface between engineered materials and tissues in planning of treatment and rehabilitation

Basic sources and literature

1.   J. N. Israelachvili: Intermolecular and Surface Forces, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2011

2.   IGLIČ, Aleš, KRALJ-IGLIČ, Veronika, DROBNE, Damjana. Nanostructures in biological systems : theory and applications. Singapore: Pan Stanford; Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2013 [i. e. 2015]. ISBN 978-981-4303-43-9. [COBISS.SI-ID 11076436]

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