Bioprocess engineering of biologic macromolecules, viruses and cells

Subject description

Modern engineering trends and isolation of biological macromolecules (such as enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, plasmid DNA), viruses (bacteriophages and human viruses) and cells (stem cells) will be presented, which are important in the field of safety, nutrition and health.


The main focus of the course will be on various isolation techniques of the considered bioproducts based on precipitation, extraction with two-phase aqueous systems, chromatography, including modern trends in continuous processes and their use in bioconversion, with an emphasis on microreactors.


Students will be familiar with the basics of experimental design with an emphasis on QbD (Quality by Design), regulatory aspects and related specific analytics e.g. PAT (Process Analytical Technology). Specific examples of processes will also be presented.


Other lecturers may be involved for specific areas.

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

  • Understanding theoretical principles of techniques used for production of biologic molecules, viruses and cells
  • Understanding concepts of experimental design for downstream processing
  • Microreactors and continuous processes
  • Understanding design and performance of biocatalytic processes
  • Understanding of regulatory concepts

Teaching and learning methods

  • lectures
  • seminars (regular presentations with discussions)

Expected study results

  • Implementation of acquired knowledge in projects
  • Demonstrated achievement of educational goals

Basic sources and literature

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