Biosciences and surgery

Subject description

  1. An overview of the most common surgical treatments for ear disease and the lateral and anterior skull-base
  2. Review of the role of foreign and the body's own materials and substances in otorhinolaryngology
  3. Composition, preparation and use of platelet-rich plasma and extracellular vesicles in medicine.
  4. Review of the use of mitomycin in the treatment of external auditory canal narrowing
  5. Review of the use of implants in otorhinolaryngology
    1. cochlear implant
    2. bone-anchored hearing aid
  6. Criteria for assessing treatment outcome
    1. objective: surface measurement, clinical scores etc.
    2. subjective: health-related quality of life questionnaires

7. An overview  of the most common biocompatible materials used in orthopedic surgery j

8. Review of phenomena the surface of uncemented  hip endoprostheses

(surface wetting and roughness and cell response)

9. Review of osteointegration proceses of multifuncion coatings on nanostructructured  surface of metalliic materials with the aim to  improve osteointegration between implant and bone.


The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

Learns about the use of biochemical, bioactive preparations, mechanical and electromagnetic implants and preparations from human body fluids in improving the results of classical surgical techniques in the field of:

  • Chronic temporal bone inflammation
  • Treatment of chronic otitis media
  • Hearing rehabilition in deaf people
  • Closure of surgical approaches to the lateral and anterior skull-base.

      Student  get the  basic knowledge and understanding in the field of bio engineering materials and tissues for the applications in orthopredic surgery and rechabilitation

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, discussion workshops of presented seminars

Demonstration of already introduced biomedical methods in surgery

Presentation of existing literature

Familiarization with ongoing research

Guidelines for further development of the field

Expected study results

Knowledge and understanding:

• Interdisciplinary scientific approaches in surgical treatment

• The importance of improving classical surgical techniques

• Methods of tracking surgical results

• Identification of failures of classical surgical techniques

• Finding areas and ways to improve the treatment outcome

–Methods  of following surgical results  on the  base of the investigations of prematurely failed hip and knee endoprosthesis   

Finding new biomaterials combiinations  with the aim to improve lifetime of implants

Basic sources and literature

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