Conservation of local elements of natural heritage within wider European context

Subject description

Natural history and sociological conception of natural heritage elements. Influences of local specifics.

Variety of successful management cases of old cultures

Ethical, legislative, emotional and other aspects important for nature conservation

Local, national and international legislation regarding environment and natural heritage conservation

Role of science based knowledge in establishing local optimized management in trans-boundary integrations

Cases of negative influences on natural heritage conservation due to homogenization of European legislation

Involvement of local stakeholders into conservation of natural heritage

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

To establish basic understanding on importance of synthesis of natural and social sciences as base of natural heritage conservation

Acquire competences for evaluation of efficiency of local, European and global management with particular elements of natural heritage

Acquire competences for participation in development of national and international legislation and agreements

To make a progress in synthesis of different knowledge and management practices.

Teaching and learning methods

Lecture (selected contents), consultation, comparison and critical evaluation of actual legislation and implementation into practices

Expected study results

Knowledge and understanding:


Understanding of background of local specifics of natural heritage

Understanding of local specific treatment- intangible cultural heritage on conservation of elements of natural heritage

Understanding of importance of local empiric based knowledge for development of local-specific management goals

Knowledge of principles of positioning of local specifics into national and European legislation and rules.

Basic sources and literature

Naeem, S., Bunker, D. E., Hector, A., Loreau, M. & Perrings, C. (Eds) (2009). Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functioning, and Human Wellbeing : An Ecological and Economic Perspective. Oxford University Press, Oxford, ISBN-13: 978 0199547951


Menzies, C. R., (Eds.) (2006). Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Natural Resorce Management.  

University of Nebraska Press., ISBN-13: 978 0803283190


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