Dynamics of cell architecture

Subject description

  1. Cellular organization, morphogenesis and tissue function; structural and functional characteristics of eukaryotic cell; interpretation of cell ultrastructure and fuction; accumulation and dynamics of reserve substances and metals; secretion of chitinous matrices and mechanisms of biomineralization in invertebrate epithelial tissues; interactions of bacteria and eucaryotic cells; coevolution of miocroorganisms and their hosts
  2. Cell and molecular processes and mechanisms of altered cellular structure and function during cell division, differentiation and cell death. Focus on reorganization of endomembranes, cytoskeleton and intercellular junctions during tissue regeneration.

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

  • special knowledge on cell function and structure
  • understanding and mastering the methdos in cell biology
  • understanding the interactions between pro- and eucaryotes
  • ability to interprete the cell function in relation with higher levels of organization
  • understanding of endomembrane dynamics in cell regeneration
  • understanding  metal ions dynamics 

Teaching and learning methods

  • Teoretical knowledge based on discussions and lectures focused to special topics in cell biology, laboratory work, preparation of biological samples for microscopy, analysis of micrographs, seminars, consultations and project work

Expected study results

Knowledge and understanding:

  • interpretation of cell ultrastructure of pro- and eucaryotes
  • understanding of endomembrane and cytoskeleton dynamics
  • understanding cell mechanisms of regeneration
  • mastering techniques for analysis of cell structure and function
  • ability to follow and cite contemporary work in cell biology

Basic sources and literature

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Tekoča znanstvena periodika, pregledni članki iz znanstvenih revij Nature, The Cell in specifičnih znanstvenih publikacij.

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