Interaction of sensory and instrumental methods

Subject description

Specific knowledge in the field of sensory analysis. Modern methods of sensory analysis: flavour profiling, quantitative descriptive analysis, texture profiling, sensory spectrum, free choice profiling. Flavour/off flavour: receptors for flavour perception. Modern sensory and instrumental methods (GC/olfactometry and HTLC/gustatory testing, electronic nose, electronic tongue) for determining the aroma active components and to identify adulteration and authenticity of food.

The interaction of different parameters (instrumental and sensory) and generation of the databases. 

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

The basic educational objective is to deepen specific knowledge in the field of sensory and instrumental analysis. Insight in the fraction techniques of samples and analysis of the sensory active components by the modern sensory and instrumental methods GC/olfactometry, HTLC/gustatory testing, E-nose, E-tongue). Training of candidates for a complex understanding of descriptors of odorous or aromatic components and flavouring substances (sensory active components, component of flavour and off flavour).

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, seminars on the topic of the selected case (case study), laboratory exercises.

Expected study results

Knowledge and understanding:

Intended learning outcomes are to qualify a candidate for the execution of research applying the advanced sensory and instrumental techniques, comprehensive and critical evaluation of the obtained results and the correct interpretation of results. Candidates in this course will acquire knowledge on the generation and use of databases.

Basic sources and literature

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