Molecular biology methods in nutrition and food science

Subject description

  • Molecular methods of identifying genetically modified organisms in food
  • Application of different principles and methods for identification, typification and quantification of micro-organisms in food and food chain to trace contamination
  • Understanding microbial interactions to successfully control the presence of pathogenic bacteria in food at different cellular levels using various methods

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

The aim of the course is:

– to get knowledge about molecular methods for identifying genetically modified organisms in food

– to learn about molecular methods for tracing microbial contamination in food and food chain and novel methods for testing and evaluating of natural antimicrobial compounds action

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, seminar, discussions.

Expected study results

Knowledge and understanding:

The student will be acquainted with the principles of molecular biology methods and be able to use them for different applications in the field of food science and nutrition.

Basic sources and literature

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Revialni in originalni znanstveni članki s področja/Review and original scientific articles from the field.

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