Research planning and elaboration of a project proposal

Subject description

-A detailed overview of project calls within EU priority areas e.g. Environment and Health:

-Overview of projects and results of projects funded by the EU in strategic programs 

-Familiarisation with the EU's strategic research and innovation programs

-Familiarisation with research and innovation in support of chemical legislation 

– Familiarisation with the Sustainable Development Strategy and the research and innovation supporting the Action Plan on Zero Pollution


Familiarisation with the initiatives and roadmaps that underpin all EU and (many) national calls for projects: These are:

-European Green Deal

-The new European Bauhaus

-European Chemical Strategy for Sustainability

-The Circular Economy.


Introducing concepts such as:

-SSbD "Safe and sustainable by design"

-Transdisciplinary approach

-Open Science

-FAIR data


Detailed analysis of one selected call, the call conditions and an overview of the project evaluation case study, as well as an introduction to the reporting requirements.

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

The participant will get knowledge to:

  • Check EU Commission websites for relevant calls
  • Understand the basics of communication between different disciplines, in particular between the natural and social sciences
  • Develop a research project design
  • Understand the concept of open science, the concept of data reuse, the distinction between data, information and knowledge, the importance of data management
  • Understand the concept and approaches in providing FAIR data, the importance of digitization in laboratory work

Teaching and learning methods

Predavanja in vodena razprava  

Expected study results

Knowledge and understanding:

– Find projects call

– Understand the terms of the call, the principles of reporting on the progress of the research work and the use of funds in accordance with the terms of the call

– Ability to communicate with project partners to make decisions

– Understanding how to present and disseminate the results of the research work

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