Selected Topics in Economic and Official Statistics

Subject description

Contents will be selected among the following topics depending on the topic of the doctoral dissertation:

  • Statistical systems in economics and business sciences.

  • Statistical consulting.

  • National accounts and transfers across generations.

  • Index numbers and composite indicators.

  • Demographic analysis and models.

  • Data processing in official statistics.

  • Data collection in official statistics.

  • General regression model, estimators, asymptotic analysis and statistical inference.

  • Discrete choice, time series, panel data and multivariate models.

  • Multilevel regression models.

  • Network Analysis in Economics.

  • Other relevant and current topics.

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

Course objective is to gain in-depth knowledge of specific fields of economic and official statistics relevant for doctoral dissertation. The lectures will be given by local and/or foreign experts in each selected field.

Teaching and learning methods

  • Lectures.

  • Seminars and labs.

  • Consultations.

Expected study results

After taking this course students will be able to carry out individual PhD-relevant research work in the area of economic and official statistics.

Basic sources and literature

Literatura in viri se bodo prilagajali naboru tem, izbranem glede na vsebino doktorske disertacije / Readings will be defined according to the list of topics selected according to the topic of the doctoral dissertation.

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