Selected Topics in Technical Statistics

Subject description

Statistical methods in technical engineering and industry (different types of production systems and use of statistical methods for problem solving in these systems; different types of using statistical methods in technical engineering). Sampling plans for product inspection (determination of the sampling plan, different types of sampling, international standards). Methods of statical process control (basic concepts of control charts, tests of randomness, advanced methods of process tracking). Design and analysis of experiments (blocking and randomization, incomplete block designs, factorial experiments). Quality by product and process design (determination of design parameters, Taguchi’s methods, product optimization using loss function, tolerance design). Reliability analysis (basic notions, estimation of reliability).

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

Being able to collect and interpret statistical data and to make a critical analysis of the results and measurements in technical engineering with appropriately chosen statistical methods.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, discussions.

Expected study results

Students will become familiar with basic statistical methods used in technical engineering. This knowledge will be applied in seminar work on practical problem from the industry.

Basic sources and literature

[1] R.S.Kenett, S.Zacks,D.Amberti: Modern Industrial Statistics: with Applications in R,MINITAB, and JMP, Wiley 2014.

[2] A.J. Duncan: Quality Control and Industrial Statistics, 5th ed, Homewood,IK Irwin, 1986.

[3] Robert L.Mason, Richard F.Gunst, James L.Hess: Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments with Applications to Engineering and Science, Wiley 2003.

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