Sustainable design of work processes

Subject description

Getting to know the concepts of sustainable design of work processes, the main purpose of which is the multi-criteria optimization of the impact of work on the economy, the environment and the worker.

Learning about the effects of work processes on the economy, the environment and the worker.

Getting to know the basics of work organization.

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

To acquire the knowledge necessary to understand the sustainable design of work, which deals with work from several aspects (EEE – economics, ecology, ergonomics) and the use of knowledge for critical assessment of work processes.

The ability to prepare an experiment design, perform measurements, and process and evaluate results in connection with previous research.

Getting to know the content related to the disposition of the doctoral thesis.

Teaching and learning methods

Preparation of a seminar paper based on a review of the literature for the selected topic and data recorded in the field.

Laboratory exercises include demonstration of the operation of measuring instruments, learning about work methods and data processing.

The field lesson is aimed at getting to know measurement procedures.

Individual study with consultations.

Expected study results

Knowledge and understanding of the mutual influence of various aspects of work on the economy, the environment and the worker.

Successful execution of the experiment, which enables him to continue working independently.

Basic sources and literature

Znanstveni in pregledni članki s področja organizacije dela, varstva okolja, ekonomike in ergonomije

Scientific and overview articles in the field of work organization, environmental protection, economics and ergonomics.

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