Sustainable technological measures in fruit production

Subject description

The changing climate requires determination of optimal environmental parameters (ideal location, soil), appropriate fruit species/cultivars/rootstocks and consequently improve production technologies to achieve high, sustainable and best-quality products. Student will be equipped with advanced knowledge on climatic and soil analysis, methods of cultivar/clone/rootstock selection and various aspects of modern technological measures (orchard planning, maintenance of young and full-cropping orchards). Integrated and sustainable production of apples, pears, peaches, cherries, strawberries, nuts, olives, plums and other fruit species will be discussed.
Particular emphasis will be given on different combinations of rootstock-cultivar-technology and their response to various stress factors, increasingly occurring in our climate which will potentially represent the limiting factors of fruit production in the coming years.
Sustainable fertilization, protection of fruit plants, appropriate training systems and controlling of stress factors (drought – irrigation, hail, increased UV radiation – hail nets) will be emphasized along with information on pest and disease tolerant/resistant cultivars.

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

The aim is to successfully implement the knowledge of the interactions between the environment, soil, fruit species, cultivars, rootstocks and technological processes into sustainable fruit production.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, seminar work.

Expected study results

Knowledge and understanding:

The student understands all of the aforementioned interactions and is able to create new technological processes and optimize them for specific situations.

Basic sources and literature

Winter F. 2002 Lucas' Anleitung zum Obstbau. Stuttgart, Eugen Ulmer GmbH & Co.: 448 str. ISBN 3-8001-5545-1


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