Technique Basics

Subject description

The basic content areas include:

• Selected topics in electrical engineering: direct current and alternating current

• Electromagnetic waves: light, acoustics, radio frequency waves

• Transmission media: wired and wireless transmission

• Analog and digital signals

• Sampling and encoders

The subject is taught in programs

Objectives and competences

Gaining basic skills in engineering, and electrical engineering. Understanding the functioning of technical devices.

The course provides physical background and makes it easier to understand the subjects Multimedia Technology I, II Multimedia Technology, Telecommunication networks, broadcasting systems, Mobile Systems, Digital Techniques.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, practical laboratory work.

Expected study results

Understanding of science, physical and electromagnetic phenomena. Students are able to choose the appropriate technical tools based on an understanding of their physical activity.

Basic sources and literature

[1] Robert L. Boylestad, Introduction to electricity, electronics, and electromagnetics, str. 666, ISBN: 0130105732

[2] Ron Kovac, Stephan Jones, Introduction to Communications Technologies: A Guide for Non-Engineers, str. 272, ISBN 0-8493-1266-3

[3] Jens R., Multimedia Communication Technology: Representation, Transmission and Identification of Multimedia Signals, 2004, str. 441, ISBN: 3-540-01249-4

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