Laboratory for Integrated Circuit Design

Laboratory is engaged in design and implementation of the digital circuits and systems. Prototyping systems based on programmable devices (FPGA) for general purpose or application specific usage are developed. We are involved in research of high-level design methods and the tools supporting digital design process. Our applicative projects include the design of embeded systems, systems-on-a-chip and the implementation of video processing algorithms on a dedicated hardware.

We have contacts and projects with Slovenian electronic and telecommunication industry and we organized several student competitions on digital design with
programmable devices.

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Dr. Urša Opara Krašovec univ. dipl. kem., room DUPLEX D, tel.: 8253
Dane Seliger dipl. inž. el., tel.: 8351
Asst. Prof. Dr. Aleksander Sešek univ. dipl. inž. el., room BN412, tel.: 8727
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andrej Trost univ. dipl. inž. el., room BN405-KAB, tel.: 8350
Prof. Dr. Andrej Žemva univ. dipl. inž. el., room BN407-KAB , tel.: 8346