Laboratory of Biocybernetics

The laboratory was founded in 1963 by Professor Lojze Vodovnik, and is headed by prof. dr. Tadej Kotnik. Since the lab’s foundation, the research has focused on interactions between electromagnetic fields (EMF) and biological systems. Initially the major research topic was Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) for restoration of impaired motor functions caused by different types of neuromuscular injuries and diseases, while today the main field of research is cell membrane electroporation and its applications in biology, biotechnology, and medicine. This research involves analytical and numerical determination of EMF and currents in cell suspensions, cultures and tissues; experimental work on artificial membranes and cells in vitro; development of electronic devices and equipment for these fields of research; and development of information technology for clinical trials. The lab members regularly present the results of their research in articles in SCI-ranked scientific journals (over 140 articles since 2000), as well as at scientific conferences and meetings. For their inventions they received two European and two US patents. They are cooperating with a number of research institutions and industrial partners (three EU Framework projects and over 20 bilateral projects since 2000).


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