Laboratory of Microelectronics

The Laboratory comprises two groups: the first one is active in processing and design of complex integrated circuits and the second in microwave technology.

The activities of the first group include mask making semiconductor processing, and in the design of integrated circuit for industrial applications, design and analysis of complex electronic systems, development of new CAD tools and methods, and ASIC testing.

The design group specialises in mixed analog-digital circuits combined on the same chip. The activities of the Laboratory are oriented at submicron nonstandard semiconductor technologies that enable the integration of sensor elements and its relevant electronics on the same chip.

The research activities in Laboratory for microwave technology are focused to development of new calibration techniques of automatic vector network analyser.

In addition to research, the Laboratory is involved in educational activities of the Faculty on graduate and postgraduate levels.


Ivica Bertocchi , room BN417B-PLAB , tel.: 8335,8490
Bruno Cacovich , room BN007E/1-DEL , tel.: 8474,8368
Miha Cacovich univ. dipl. mikr., room BNK39, tel.: 8356
Boštjan Fink , room BN416A/1-LMFE, tel.: 8726
as. - raz. dr. Miha Gradišek mag. inž. el., room BN416B-LMFE , tel.: 8317
Jan Kavčič dipl. inž. el. (VS), room BNK28, tel.: 8300
Ratimir Kuzma Cigoj univ. dipl. inž. kem. tehnol., room BNK38/1-KLA, tel.: 8475,8473
Franci Novak , room BN007E/1-DEL , tel.: 8368,8473
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anton Pleteršek univ. dipl. inž. el., room BN411-KAB, BN416B-LMFE, tel.: 8337
Prof. Dr. Drago Strle univ. dipl. inž. el., room BN410-KAB , tel.: 8847
Žiga Šmelcer mag. inž. el., room BN416B-LMFE, tel.: 8317
Dr. Andrej Švigelj univ. dipl. inž. el., room BNK29, tel.: 8301
Prof. Dr. Janez Trontelj univ. dipl. inž. el., room BN408-KAB , tel.: 8333
Dr. Janez ml. Trontelj univ. dipl. inž. rač. in inf., room BN007D-MER , tel.: 8471
Ajda Tuševski mag. inž. el., room BN416A/1, tel.: 8726